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Greetings to all,

With the beginning of the New Millenium, the world is faced with new challenges of the global community, particularly, the emergence of new technologies and industries. These global developments made Arjoy’s Human Resources Management Corporation,  re-evaluate its goals and objectives to continuously be of service to our workers and foreign Principals, and in the community, in general. As an initial step to this noble undertaking , Arjoy’s Human Resources Management Corporation , has widened its manpower databank to further increase the number of information and trained skilled workers. The overseas Filipino workers are in demand worldwide because of their ability and pro-ficiency in the English language,  love of  family,  patience, perseverance, respect, and care for the elders, especially our deployed workers. Foreign employers have admired and commended our 

nurses because of their professionalism. By providing our foreign Principals with highly-skilled workers and professionals with the proper attitude and work ethic.  We also would like to contribute to the growth of our clients’ business for a mutually satisfying long-term relationship.  We also hope to be of service to our country in particular and to the global community in general.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a responsible partner in the development of our clients’ business by providing   them  with  highly  skilled  and  well-trained  workers imbude with entegrity, dedication, trustworthiness, and professionalism

Our Philosophy

Our  founding  philosophy is  to  provide  client  the  right worker that complements the requirement and their expectation match with  the highest standard.  It is our desire to obtain  the  best  arrangement   between  the workers and their Principals for a mutually beneficial and gratifying working relationship

Our Vision

As a dynamic business organization, w e believe that the  hallmark  of a great business enterprises is flexibility. To be rational and reliable supplier of  qualified  overseas Filipino workers, where professional services and special skills are highly  rewarded  and  globally competitive, with a strong sense of social responsibility and love of country.


ARJOY’S HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT CORP.  is  known  of  its  business integrity and human relation responsibilities.   We are duty bound to have a beneficial business relationship  and  for smooth efficient  operation,  Arjoys Human Resources Management Corp.  has   prepared   all   the   necessary documents  manifested  to  a licensed Recruitment Agency to legalize recruitment  and OFW deployment. May  this  Company  Profile of  ARJOY’S HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT CORP. serve as a door to a long and harmonious business relationship with you.